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Rodolfo Perez

What a bleak life this is!

Trapped in such a dark place I’m forced to call home.

Sure, I’m free to think,

But I’m never free to speak.

At least I’m never alone.

You want the truth?

The world outside these walls cannot live without lust.

You couldn’t live without wanting us!


Like the voice of an angel, we hear him!

He whispers our names and I wait.

What freedom lies beyond this dark cave!

I shall be released from this prison.

Out of the darkness,

Into epiphany!

I wait,

But nothing comes.

He chose Coke.

Contributor Bio

Rodolfo Perez is a USF graduate who takes the frustration and fear of daily life, and attaches words to them. He doesn’t know whether that makes him a poet or a pessimist.

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