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And So, I Play the Harmonica

Alexis Ceballos

I bought a harmonica,

It only cost five-ish dollars.

I don’t even know how to play.

But I like the sound it makes.

I’ve realized I may have started

A rubber duck collection.


I actually only have two.

I seem to always choose to wear my Crocs

On the rainiest days.

I also spent an hour learning to

Make paper cranes.

And another two spent on making 

Paper crane mobiles.

I paint pictures.

I hate raisins.

They do not correlate.

I tried writing about love

And turns out I can’t.

I’m not hurt about it.

My memory sucks,

But that just means I can learn things twice

And still be amazed.

I write my thoughts down before I go to bed

So I can re-read my sleep-deprived rambles,

This is one of them,

And have a good laugh.

I like 6 AM sunrises

And late summer cookouts.

Tiger lilies are my favorite flowers

Because of a story called “Freckle Juice”

And I liked the way the freckles in the story

Matched the ones across my friend’s nose.

I think I’ll always have a soft spot for

Penguins and ducks.

I’m scared of birds.

And I think there’s something

About those almost-late-to-work drives

Because I always leave my house when 

I know for a fact I won’t make it on time.

My sister bought me red Converse 

And a chicken egg holder.

I collect mugs to hold my colored pencils

And journals that stay empty because

They're too beautiful to write in.


And I sit there

And blow unknown notes into my toy harmonica,

That only cost five-ish dollars,

The one I don’t know how to play,

And I think that, yeah,

This kind of makes me happy.

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