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The Man in the Dark

Christopher Parra

     At the time, I was young I did not know what it all meant, and it still haunts me till this day, but nevertheless; I try my best to forget what happened on that night but I don’t think I ever will. My name is Tom Jensen, my parents use to call me Tommy, and this happened 20 years ago. I was maybe about six-years-old, and I was going to bed. It was like any other night, but I guess the moon was actually full during that time, so evil likes it that way. I was in my room, it was about 9:00 o’clock at night since it was Sunday, and I had to go to school the next day which I was not happy about. As I laid in bed, the room was quiet, it seemed that everything was without sound, and I stared out my window and looked up at the moon. It was beautiful – the moon had that fantastic bright color and shined upon my room. I could almost see everything without my nightlight on in my room. Except for that for the one corner of the room, the one that is always hides behind the window. I never liked that corner; it seems like there was always someone there. And that always gave me a chill down my spine. I could remember I felt cold, unnaturally cold for some reason. I was under my covers, so I thought I would be warm enough. But it got strange, I could see my breath as I exhaled; like the room was not at a high temperature, that was below 40 degrees. 

     Then, the room smelled really bad; at the time, I did not know what kind of smell that was until I got older. It was later that I found out that it was the smell of sulfur. It reeked the whole room, I wanted to get out of the room, but I know that my parents would just yell at me to go back to bed. So, I ended up just plugging my nose with my covers. It was cold and it smelled extremely bad. I did not know what it meant at all, I was confused, and I was scared. I wanted to leave, but I did not want to get in trouble. I was afraid more of my parents, then what was happening to me in the room. But I clearly misjudged the situation at that point of my life. Out of nowhere, I see red eyes coming from the corner of the room – the dark corner that I hate so much and now I was extremely scared of. I hid under my covers and tried to make a sound. Because at that time, I thought if I pretended, I was not there, then maybe they would think I was not really there at all. But I was wrong. 

     I was under the covers, and I heard a deep-demonic voice from the corner of the room say, “Tommy…” I was scared stiff; I did not know what to do or say; how did he know my nickname? Only my mom and dad called me that. I pretended to be asleep, maybe the monster would go away. But it did not, instead it kept calling out to me. “Tommy… I know you are under the blanket. Come out, I will not hurt you. I just want to talk to you,” The monster said with a dark-tone. I was not able to speak, I was too scared, but the monster said, “If you don’t come out, I will eat your parents….” He giggled as he said that. That is when I pulled my head out of the covers and said, “No!” The man emerged from the darkness of the corner into the moonlight; he was pale-looking, his body was slim, he wore a dark-suit, and his hair was long and black. He looked like any ordinary person. He did not look like a monster; nor did his voice went with his appearance. But they say looks can be deceiving. The man put his finger on his lips, as if to tell me to be quiet. I whispered, “Why are you here and how do you know my nickname?” The man grinned and said, “Because I’ve been watching you for some time now and I come to the conclusion that I want you.” I asked, “For what?” The man made a demonic juggle, and I could see his white-sharp teeth as he tried to hide them, while he was laughing. I was scared, I did not want to know why he was there anymore. I just wanted him to leave. 

     “I will leave only if you let me… eat you. If you do let me eat you, I promise I will not harm your parents or your older sister.” He said this with great certainty. I was frozen solid, not because of the cold temperature, but because of this man’s whole aura he had. At first, I did not realize it. But I think that he was the Devil. I said, “You’re the Devil, aren’t you?” He looked at me with such fascination and said, “Wow… I see you are a bright young boy. Oh, you would be wonderfully delicious once I eat you.” I went underneath the covers again, just wishing this nightmare would end. But it kept on going. Why? Why won’t he leave? I started crying. I did not know what else to do. “Stop crying! Or else I will eat your family!” He said with aggression. The man out of these covers was the Devil and I did not know what to do to get out of this nightmare, it seemed like one, but it was all real. I heard footsteps coming closer to the bed, and I felt his menacing aura above me. I could see the shadow of his figure out of the covers and I can tell that it seemed that his body was changing, it was not the same form, he had before. Then, it got quiet… the man that was in the room stopped whatever he was doing… Out of nowhere, the covers came off of me and I can what looked like a horrible, grotesque monster standing in my room. The man did not have an ordinary figure anymore. He had a face of a shark, his hands looked like long talons and his feet were that of hooves. He charged towards me with his mouth wide-open. 

     I screamed as loud as I could and ran out of the room, dodging death from the Devil. I ran in my parents’ room as I screamed, waking them up, thankfully. They jumped out of bed and asked me what was wrong. I told them, but they did not believe me; my sister did not believe me either once I seen her coming into the room. They thought it was probably a bad dream and told me to go to bed, but I did not want to sleep in my room, alone. So, they let me stay in their room. My sister told me I was being a baby and told her that it is true. She left with disbelief. After she left, I went into bed with my mom and dad. It was a lot warmer in there, then my bedroom and dozed off to sleep. But I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out of the window that at the side of the bed and I saw him… He was standing there looking at me, licking his lips and put his hand on the window. Just staring at me. I screamed… Now, many years have passed, and no one ever believed me. “Look Tom, I don’t think the Devil ever came to you. I think you had a very bad episode that’s probably why you’re here in the psychiatric ward, you been here for many years, Tom; ever since your parents and your sister with missing that long ago.” My Doctor said, but I told him, “That’s what you think, but there is evil out there and I see every night before I go to bed, and I’ve been seeing it for 20 years now. You do not believe me now, but someday you will. Eventually, everyone will. I know he’s out there, doing horrible things to people and one day he will be making others do his work for him; my family was killed by the Devil, he ate them that’s why they are missing and someday I will go missing, too.”

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